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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Dead Circle by Keith Varney Blog Tour with Excerpt and Giveaway :)

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Welcome to my tour stop for The Dead Circle by Keith Varney! This is an adult contemporary apocalyptic zombie thriller. This tour runs November 16-27 with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for the full schedule.

The-Dead-Circle-Book-CoverAbout the Book:

Something is terribly wrong in Detroit.

When Chris and Sarah bought an abandoned library to renovate and live in, they expected to be on the ground floor of the revival of Detroit. But unbeknownst to them, the city is about to fall. The devastation begins with a single woman who mysteriously tears off her clothing and starts walking the perimeter of an empty lot. Within minutes, hundreds of disparate people inexplicably form a giant human circle that slowly revolves like a hurricane of flesh. They twitch and spasm, contorting their naked bodies in a primordial death dance. They’re oblivious to everything, even the unfortunate souls who fall beneath their feet.

Bewildered citizens and authorities are desperate to know what’s causing the bizarre event… at least until it starts to rain.

Chris and Sarah abruptly find themselves trapped in a forsaken city. To survive, they must evade the horrifying illness, find food and shelter in a suddenly primitive world… and have a battle plan for when the circle stops spinning…

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Keith VarneyAbout the Author:
Originally from small town Vermont, Keith Varney is an award-winning musical theater writer and actor. He has written Book, Music and Lyrics in various combinations for I GOT FIRED (Best American Musical – DIMF), ELWAY: THE MUSICAL, THE OTHER SEX, JOSHUA: THE MUSICAL, PIE EATER & SCOOBY DOOSICAL. He has also written songs for Submissions Only, Hot Mess in Manhattan, See You Lighter, My Mother is a Sex Therapist & Dystopia Gardens. As an actor he has performed professionally in musicals including Les Miserables, The Producers, The Full Monty, Titanic and I Got Fired (Best Actor in a Musical - DIMF). He has a degree in classical voice from the Eastman School of Music. He now lives in Astoria NY with his wife Jillian, who is a Broadway actress. “The Dead Circle” is his debut novel. For more information, please visit


“Looks like we’re near the perimeter.”
“There’s nobody here. Maybe they got through?” Chris says hopefully.
“There was nobody anywhere else either.”
They walk slowly between rows of cars trying to see down the road, hoping to spot what kind of barrier prevented the cars from leaving.
Sarah grabs his arm and stops him. “Uh, Chris. Is that a bullet hole?”
There is a large round hole in the windshield of a Subaru Outback parked to her right. The glass had splintered out from a three inch impact near the rear-view mirror.
“I don’t know? Maybe? Let’s keep moving.”
“I don’t like the looks of this one bit.”
Reluctantly, Sarah continues walking between the rows of cars. After another fifty feet, she can almost see what might be an improvised barrier a half mile or so up the road. She stops and reaches into her bag for binoculars.
“F*&^. Sarah get down!” Chris abruptly grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her to the ground.
“What is it?!”
Slumped between an old black Saturn and a green Kia SUV is the body of a young woman. Her head seems to have exploded. Blood and brain matter are sprayed up the windshield of the Kia. It had obviously rained and the water had washed the detritus down the glass, thinning the blood until it covered the entire hood and much of the ground below with a sticky reddish-brown residue. The windshield wipers had trapped several bright white chips of skull and some spongy grey bits of brain matter.
“Oh Jesus.” Sarah fights hard against her sudden urge to throw up. “What happened to her? Her head looks like it f*&^ing blew up.”
“She’s not alone.”
Chris can see at least four other bodies draped over cars or lying on the ground between them and the barricades.
“This is a massacre. All these people! What happened?”
She sees a hand limply sticking out of a window and a set of feet poking out from under a pickup truck in a pool of drying blood. She turns around searching for something to look at that isn’t a picture of horror.
“They shot them. Probably with rifles. High caliber sniper rifles maybe.”
“Again, you’re apparently a military expert? How do you f*&^ing know that?!”
“Xbox. Call of Duty.”
“You know that from a f*&^ing game? Jesus. That’s sick!”
“Maybe, but it’s no less true. We have to get out of here. You were right. There’s no way we’re getting out of the city.”
Sarah, still a little light-headed, starts to head back in the direction from which they came. Taking dazed, shuffling steps, she walks back towards their truck.
“Sarah! Keep your head down!”
She crouches below the tops of the cars and keeps moving. She does not say anything. Chris follows behind her for a moment. After two minutes of silence, he somewhat meekly speaks.
“Jesus, Sarah. I’m sorry. You were right. I never should have brought us here. I’m sorry you saw that. Fuck, I’m sorry I saw that.”
“Do you think it’s like this everywhere?” She speaks in a flat monotone, as if she can’t think logically and process her emotions at the same time.
“I don’t know. I mean, they blew the bridges, they blocked the highways. We’re already on a side road.”
“Maybe we could sneak through the woods somewhere?”
“I thought you didn’t want to leave at all?”
Sarah shakes her head. “I didn’t. But whatever’s inside the city has scared the shit out of the freaking military. Enough to commit murder. Guns or outbreak. Pick your poison.”
“What do you think we should do?”
“Well, we walk a hundred yards in that direction and we get shot. Back in the city, who knows? I’ll guess I’ll take possible death over certain death.”
Chris thinks for a moment and can’t find a flaw in her logic.
“Works for me. Let’s get the f*&^ out of here.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing this book. The whole concept of being trapped in Detroit and trying to survive, sparks my interest.

  2. Great post! I really enjoyed reading the excerpt and learning about this book. This book sounds very interesting! Also, I really like the book cover! Very intriguing! Looking forward to reading this book!


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