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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kids Shoes-Yellow (Toddler 9.5-Kids 3.5)

Kids Shoes-Yellow (Toddler 9.5-Kids 3.5)

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***My Personal Review***

These are awesome shoes and I am thrilled to have gotten them!  They are made of rubber and fabric and they are really made well, very high quality.  I love pretty much everything about them but my favorite aspect is the snap lock - the adjustable closure strap has a set of heavy magnets to keep the shoes on.  I am not a big fan of the velcro closing shoes because it gets fabric or string in it and then they don't work anymore.
My daughter has pronation of her feet (meaning they turn inward) and so she needs good solid shoes when she walks and I normally don't ever buy her sandals because they are never good enough.  However I feel extremely comfortable allowing her to wear these and she doesn't have to worry about learning to tie her laces which is extremely difficult for her.  I can trust that the magnets will snap closed easily and securely and these are also great because you can take off the back strap and leave them strapless :)  So many features I love about these sandals, plus they come in blue and pink with different designs too!

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