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Saturday, November 21, 2015

THZY 8GB Voice Recorder

THZY 8GB Voice Recorder

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***My Personal Review***

Do you ever wish you had a little voice recorder at just the right time?  Well you don't have to look any further, this will fit your needs PLUS it is also a USB flash drive as well when it's not in use as a recorder.  It looks just like a flash drive and you just turn it on, wait for the light to turn blue and start talking!  Then when you are finished you plug it into your USB port and you will have a digital file that you can listen to.  For a small and inexpensive item it really has a good quality of sound - not perfect but very easy to understand.  It's perfect to carry with you to meetings, in your purse or to record a class for school or a speech!  Great stocking stuffer for anyone :)

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