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Monday, November 23, 2015

Funniest Novelty Gag Gift Set-Man Bag

Funniest Novelty Gag Gift Set-Man Bag

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***My Personal Review***

This is honestly too funny and cute for a guy not to get a kick out of!  The pink color, the undies, the "Guyliner" and the soap is just awesome!  This makes a great gag gift for your husband, boyfriend or as a gift for a special party.  You get "Manties" that are bright pink with black trim and the "Mankini" in a green color.  The bag it all comes in is very cool too, light pink with tons of pockets and 2 zippered areas so they can reuse it for toiletries.
The soap is great, it's glycerin soap with a scent that is like a great cologne.  Oh and I can't forget the "Man Crush" photo frame!  With a bodybuilder image on the left and the pink and purple colors they can put their favorite man crush picture in it :)  I just love this set and I think any guy would really think it was funny and they would have a blast opening it and looking through everything!

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