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Sunday, November 8, 2015

KUKPO - High Quality Stainless Steel Colander

KUKPO - High Quality Stainless Steel Colander

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***My Personal Review***

I have a terrible time with colanders - they get lost, they get broken or they melt (oops).  Plus the one I had before was always too small and I would lose food down the sink which isn't cool.  But when I got this I was pretty excited because it's stainless steel which means it won't rust - I can throw it in the dishwasher, and the holes are big enough to drain heavy juice out but not big enough so your small items like rice will slip through.  It has a nice set of handles that stay cool and the bottom is rounded so it sits nicely on a larger bowl to drain oils or in the sink for water to drain out.  I am very happy with it and if they had a smaller version I would buy that too!  It is a good size colander for pretty much any size meal :)  And for just $13.99 you can't beat the price, I have paid more than that for smaller cheap plastic colanders.

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