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Friday, November 20, 2015

Cartoon Faucet Extender

Cartoon Faucet Extender

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***My Personal Review***

Very cute item and helpful for all kids - this is very easy to install on your faucet and you have the ability to take it on and off whenever you need to, and it will give you a few extra inches of length so that your kids can reach the faucet water easily.  My daughter is 9 but she still has trouble reaching the water flow so she doesn't always wash her hands well.

When I put this on she was so excited and she thought it was awesome that the water came out closer to her :)  It's small and lightweight and it does not impede the flow of water at all which is great!  This will fit certain faucets so check out their guide and make sure it will work for you before ordering, but I guarantee you and your kids will find this a great bathroom or kitchen addition :)  And you can choose from 3 designs and colors: a pink dolphin, a yellow duck and the blue elephant like I received.  They are all adorable!

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