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Monday, December 7, 2015

Wojo Holiday Gift Set

Wojo Holiday Gift Set

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***My Personal Review***

Wojo is a nutritional supplement that comes in liquid form and they have several types such as Focus, Energy and Calm which are the three I was able to review - the holiday gift set.  I received 5 vials of each to try and I am trying the Calm tonight before bed because I have anxiety and insomnia so it will be nice to see if it helps.  They come in small packages that are about the size of gum so you can easily throw them in your purse or bag and take them with you.  You simply add them to your soda or water and drink.

I used water for my first dose of Calm (a pink liquid) and I didn't notice a taste in the water, it was just like drinking regular water.  I am hoping to try the energy and focus tomorrow before work to see how they go.  You are not supposed to exceed more than 2 doses of any of them in one day, and definitely show them to your health provider before taking.  The Focus contains Ginko Biloba, Ginseng and a 5 mg of caffeine to help you sit and be able to relax.  The Energy does contain 15 mg of caffeine which is not a huge amount but it might be a lot for some people if you don't drink soda or coffee so make sure you are prepared for the effects of caffeine.  I am really hoping this makes me feel better and be able to just get by much more easily :)  Check out the ingredients on each one and maybe pick up one of these holiday sets to try!

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