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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Boyon Portable Eye Protection Desk Lamp

Boyon Portable Eye Protection Desk Lamp

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***My Personal Review***

I don't have great lighting in my apartment and so my desk is pretty dark.  Until now I had not been able to find a small enough lamp that would work and not take up a lot of space as well.  However this lamp is awesome - it has 3 different brightness levels so I don't have to use a lot of light.  But this lamp is great because the light comes ONLY on the bottom of the light which means that it protects your eyes from the brightness.  The stand is small but sturdy and can be sat anywhere, it runs on USB and comes with a USB-wall charger so you can take it anywhere.  This is great for trips, vacations, whatever you need it for!  The best part is the bendable stem - it's long enough to be able to bend it over on the top and give you just the right amount of light.  Awesome lamp :)

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