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Monday, December 14, 2015

Lt Green - BriaUSA Kid's Hangers

Lt Green - BriaUSA Kid's Hangers

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***My Personal Review***

Lightweight and versatile, these hangers are great for any kids room!  They come in different colors and they are perfectly sized for younger kids clothing.  They are larger than normal kids hangers which makes them much better for even teen clothes.  LOVE these hangers, they are super sturdy, great for your delicates and they do not have the sharp edges like the cheap brands.  They have a swivel hook and they are larger than normal kids hangers so their clothes will fit over them better and it will keep the clothing shape.  These truly are the sturdiest hangers I have come across and I would choose these over any other hangers I have seen.  The notches are rounded so they won't harm delicate fabric, and they come in all kinds of cool kids colors!

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