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Monday, December 7, 2015

M535 Optical Wireless Mouse

M535 Optical Wireless Mouse

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***My Personal Review***

This is a great mouse for anyone but especially for someone who is into gaming or coding and uses the computer all the time.  I consider myself to be a techie but even I am not sure what all the buttons do!  It's very ergonomic and it has a space on each side for your thumb and fourth finger which is very nice because most mice do not have that feature and sometimes that can lead to problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.

I work online, I play online and I am online most of the time, so I need a good mouse that will be easy to use and very comfortable for my large hands.  That is what I really love about this mouse is the way it is larger than normal so it will very easily fit larger hands without putting your fingers under a lot of pressure.  This is a 2.4 G mouse that is wireless and comes with the USB dongle, and it will work from further away than you would believe.  All in all this is a really comfortable and well made mouse that I think anyone would love to have - plus the design on it is really sleek and cool!  Loving it so far :)

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