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Friday, December 4, 2015

Pinnacle Insulated Leakproof Thermo Lunch Kit

Pinnacle Insulated Leakproof Thermo Lunch Kit

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***My Personal Review***

This is a 7 piece lunchbox kit that has everything you need.  It includes 2 meal boxes that seal very well, 1 thermos for soups or drinks, silverware and it all fits perfectly into the thermal case which has a long strap as well as a short carrying strap across the top.  This set comes in pink, blue and green and the colors are bright and vivid and it's perfect for whatever you want for your lunch.  It's nice to have the 2 separate containers so you can do a sandwich in one and a salad or something else in the other without worrying about either getting soggy.

Every part of this set is sturdy and VERY high quality - when you open the containers the bottom inside has a mirror effect and the top keeps foods hot or cold depending on what you need.  The boxes latch on all 4 sides and the thermos has a sipper that pulls up.  This is probably the best set I have ever seen, with everything you need all in one for just $24.99 it's a great deal.  Keep in mind that these are not microwave safe or dishwasher safe, so hand wash only but they clean up VERY easily :)

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