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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Angel Baby Toddler Pillow Gel Mat - Cooling Pillow Mat

Angel Baby Toddler Pillow Gel Mat - Cooling Pillow Mat


***My Personal Review***

Anyone who has kids or has taken care of kids or ever even had a fever knows how terrible it can be and how uncomfortable and scary it is.  And of course we know it's hard to bring a fever down without medication, and some people can't take medication.  I know a few people who can't take meds of any kind due to a disease they have.  That is why this cooling pillow gel mat is awesome - because it can help reduce a fever easily and give comfort without medications.  Made by Angel Baby, this is a small size mat that you just freeze for a while and then insert it into their pillowcase so when they lay down they will feel the cooling effect.  It's an easy way to allow them to go to sleep and know that they are safe - because of the gel inside there is no leaking with this, there is a spot where the mat with the gel ends and is sewn together and there is about 1/4" of space before the outer edge is sewn on.  This product also comes with it's own case and it folds into thirds for easy storage.  It's quick, easy and can help reduce a fever very quickly without drastic measures.  The pillow mat I received is toddler sized, they do have other sizes but actually my daughter is 9 and this is perfect size for her pillows.  I would be able to use this under my pillow as well so it is not as small as it seems.  Size is 12 x 16 inches for toddler, adult size is 12.5 x 22 inches.  Definitely something to have on hand in case of emergency!

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