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Saturday, December 12, 2015

PINK- BriaUSA Multi-Purpose Velvet Coat Hangers

PINK- BriaUSA Multi-Purpose Velvet Coat Hangers

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***My Personal Review***

I am in love with BriaUSA hangers - I have several styles and I have not yet been disappointed.  They have regular hangers and velvet hangers like these which are great for holding clothes that would slip off of other hangers.  This set comes with 10 hangers and they have different colors, I received Pink which is great since that is my bedroom decor :)  These hangers are nice and large for large clothing but they will also work for smaller clothing.  Bria also sells a lot of kids hangers and they are awesome too, I use those in my daughters room.  The hooks on the top are swivel so it doesn't matter which way you put the hanger in the closet, you can turn it around.  I have found that you can use these hangers for pretty much anything - heavy clothes, light clothes, slippery clothes such as silk or satin, and even for dresses and pants.  The way they are made they usually have a small hole underneath the top for a scarf or clothing accessory so you can keep them all together.  Awesome company and I love their hangers!

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