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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Bandelettes® Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands

Bandelettes® Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands

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***My Personal Review***

No matter what size girl you are you naturally can have chafing on your thighs.  For me it happens when I am walking a lot at like an amusement park and sweating which really causes problems.  I can barely make it through one day and then I am done - so it can really make a vacation miserable.  This product by Bandelettes can help that situation and can do it with style and beauty.  These are lace bands that will fit around your thighs tightly to pull them apart and keep the rubbing to a minimum.  And being made from lace it also allows your legs to breathe so you don't end up sweating so badly.  They have a silicone layer around the top and bottom so they will stay up on your thighs better than any other product like thigh-highs I have seen.  They are gorgeous, I received black lace and these would look awesome under a nightgown or just anytime!  They would work for a nice dress so you can get through a party without fear or for any occasion you want.  I definitely can't wait to try these the next time I have to do a lot of walking :)

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