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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pretend Vegetable Set with Cutting Board

Pretend Vegetable Set with Cutting Board

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***My Personal Review***

This is an awesome playset for any kid, but it can be even better for a child with developmental disabilities.  My daughter has Williams syndrome and she is 9 and has just barely mastered using a fork and spoon.  I don't let her have knives without strict supervision because she doesn't have the coordination and motor skills to use it without hurting herself.  So I wanted to try this for her so that she could practice.  This set comes with a small cutting board and pretend knife as well as all kinds of fruits and vegetables that are already cut in half but held together with velcro.  So the kids can use the knife and work on their motor skills to cut the food in half and ready them for the real thing :)  I am recommending this to my friends and families with WS as well because I think it could help SO many kids!  Definitely check it out for just $9.99 on Amazon it's quite the deal!  And while you are there check out their other great pretend toys :)

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