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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Totoro Portable Power Bank External Charger iPhone

Totoro Portable Power Bank External Charger iPhone

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***My Personal Review***

This is the cutest power bank I have ever seen!  They have it in several colors and they all light up completely when you press their noses :)  Very cute, my daughter just loves watching it and it can give you a complete charge on any device within 8 hours so you can carry it with you for travelling.  It is fairly heavy so you can also sit it on your desk or on your dashboard and it won't fly off.  It comes with 4 different adapters - 1 of which is a mini-USB and another is the old-style Apple large/wide plugs as well as 2 others so there should be one to fit your device.

I have a Samsung and this works great with both my daughters iPad 2 and my Samsung Galaxy S3 and my Galaxy Tab 4.  It charges them all without issue which I love :)  I want to get the pink and purple colors because these are just too much!  These would make great stocking stuffers for kids and because it is rubbery and heavy they can't break it easily which is great because we all know how hard kids can be on their stuff!

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