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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Silicone Pot Holders, Trivet Mat, non-slip Hot Pads

Silicone Pot Holders, Trivet Mat, non-slip Hot Pads

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***My Personal Review***

Always looking for a non-slip item to open something easily or stop something from slipping?  These trivets can do SO much for you - they are great for a lot of things including pulling hot pans from the oven, using them for trivets and things like changing light bulbs that are hot or using as a non-slip surface for anything you need!  You get a set of 5 different colors and they are the perfect size so your whole hand is covered if you are using something hot, they have a hole on one side to hang them in your kitchen.  I like them because they can be used for so many purposes and they are not overly large or heavy.  And of course silicone is one of the best things I believe they have ever made for kitchen accessories :)  You definitely need to grab a pack of these on Amazon for just $15.99!

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