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Monday, October 26, 2015

Green Lego and Duplo Compatible Baseplate Mat

Green Lego and Duplo Compatible Baseplate Mat

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***My Personal Review***

This is great for anyone who has kids that play with Legos or Duplos - it does double duty by being compatible with Duplo on one side (the larger Legos for younger children) and the other side is compatible with the smaller Legos.  So if you have more than one kind of Lego in your household then this will be perfect because all you do is flip it over to use the other type.  It rolls up nice and tidy to be put away - a simple rubber band around it will keep it in place :)  It's made of silicone so it is nice and flexible and will also stay in place.  Any and all ages will love this mat and it is almost 3 feet long (32") so 2 kids could play on it at one time.  Very nice and long, a great product :)

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