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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cat Window Bed Beta Version

Cat Window Bed Beta Version

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***My Personal Review***

I find this to be a good item and it's pretty solid if you don't have a very large cat.  It comes with PVC piping for the base and heavy fabric that fits snugly along the outside to hold the bed together.  The suction cups allow you to be able to move the bed to any window and there are 4 suction cups to make sure your cat it safely held up on the bed.  It has velcro pieces on the bottom piece of fabric to which you attach the fleece part and that gives your kitty a nice soft place to lay.  What cat doesn't love to lay by the window and watch?  This gives you a way for them to be comfortable and safe without worrying about having a couch or chair next to the window :)  So now you can rearrange your room any way you want!  I have found it to be pretty sturdy with a 28 lb cat, haven't seen any problems yet.

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