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Monday, October 26, 2015

DreamSpa® Rainfall Showerhead with LED/LCD Temperature Display

DreamSpa® Rainfall Showerhead with LED/LCD Temperature Display


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***My Personal Review***

I really love this showerhead - the first thing I really enjoy is the large area of water instead of just a small circle.  And I LOVE the temperature readouts - my daughter is only 8 and has extreme sensory issues so I have to make sure the water is perfect for her and this helps me a lot!  It really puts out a great shower and it does feel like rain which I think is awesome :)  I think anyone would love this - it's easy to install and it doesn't take batteries - the water is what sets off the colored lights.  Very good deal I have already recommended this to several people I know that could use it :)  I also have someone in my family who has trouble sensing whether something is too hot or cold so this is perfect for them because they can just see by the lights whether the water is just right so they can't get scalded.  As far as I can tell this product is extremely durable and it is pretty lightweight too :)

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