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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Power Pearl PROBIOTIC: Micro Pearl, Macro Power

Power Pearl PROBIOTIC: Micro Pearl, Macro Power

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***My Personal Review***

Did you know that when you take an antibiotic it gets rid of ALL the bacteria in your body - even the good bacteria?  If you haven't heard by now how great probiotics are for your immune system, digestive system and overall health then you are missing out!  Until several years ago I really didn't know what probiotics could do - until my daughter was diagnosed with a syndrome that came with constipation and a lot of other digestive issues.  I wanted to keep her healthy and someone told me to look for a probiotic for toddlers at the store.  I did and tried it, then I started taking it after finding out about the benefits!  Most people don't realize that when taking antibiotics they should be replacing that healthy bacteria because if they don't it could actually cause them to become sick in other ways.  The fact that you only need to take 1 pill per day is awesome for those who already take a lot of medications too!  Little pieces of pearl power :)

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