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Monday, October 26, 2015

24 Pack 3mL Essential Oil Bottles

24 Pack 3mL Essential Oil Bottles

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***My Personal Review***

Do you have a bunch of essential oils sitting around in large bottles you want to save?  Do you want to learn how to mix scents and sell or use them?  Then you must check out Cornucopia Brands and see all of their essential oil bottles they have for sale.  All the pieces come separate so you can fill the bottles with just 1 oil and mark them or you can mix and make new scents to use in diffusers or laundry balls or for whatever.

These would make great little gifts for people, mix them some of their favorite scents like lavender vanilla and give them away.  This pack is all 3 mL bottles of the same size and once filled you simply put the seal on and screw on the lid and it's ready to be labeled :)  Essential oils have become a staple in households for helping to cure what ails people and almost everyone has a favorite but if you can buy them in large quantities and save some money then it's a great idea.  This will allow you to keep them freshly sealed until ready to use.

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