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Monday, October 19, 2015

BVS Solitaire Collection

BVS Solitaire Collection



***My Personal Review***

This is the best game program I have EVER had!  I am so addicted to it, I love the fact that I can play a different type of solitaire game for every day of the year almost :)  It's very easy to use, once installed and verified you have access to hundreds of solitaire style games including my favorites: Pyramid, Freecell and Spider.  I play it whenever I am bored, I play it between calls for work (I work from home) and it's so much fun - you can play a quick game but warning because one "quick" game normally turns into about 50 for me!

If you can't find a solitaire game you like on this program then something is wrong because it has everything you can imagine including different variations on several styles.  And when you pull up the selection menu it shows you the layout of each game as you click so you can go by that and check out the rules before playing :)  Definitely a great program to get for anyone who loves to play card games.  Stuff their electronic stockings with this!

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