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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Verus Galaxy S6 Edge Case 2Link Emerald Review

Verus Galaxy S6 Edge Case 2Link Emerald Review

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***My Personal Review***
Verus makes some great phone cases for all styles and models of phones - I really love the different types they offer because some are slick and thin, some are more modern with edges and so much more.  If you are in the market for a case that is versatile and high quality then Verus is for you.  This case is called Emerald Green and it has the 2 pieces like the other Verus cases, making it interchangeable with the other tops and bottoms.  The nice part of these Verus cases is that they are 2 pieces - instead of being a rubbery wraparound cover, they are hard cases and you fit them on by sliding the top and bottom piece together and snapping it.  This may not seem different, but it really allows a LOT of leeway - because they sell these cases in many colors you can literally just switch out the colored tops whenever you want in a MUCH easier way than any phone cover I have ever seen.

This case is a really nice green color but it does have some edge to it - it is a very sharp and sleek case for those who want a little something to show off :)  But buy the other cases with it and when you are ready for that night out match your outfit and have fun knowing your case is protecting your phone very well.  I mean after all if you are going to spend upwards of $300 on a phone you really need to have a proper case to make sure it doesn't get broken.  And while you are at it grab up a screen protector to help stop scratches and dents on the front of the phone too.  I am really thrilled to see the new Galaxy cases because I have found it's hard to find them - I am always finding the cases for Apple but not Samsung.  Turn to Verus for all your Galaxy phone needs!

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