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Friday, April 10, 2015

Verus Galaxy S6 Case Damda Gold Review

Verus Galaxy S6 Case Damda Gold Review

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***My Personal Review***

I am loving these phone cases!  Verus has something for everyone and yet they are all so versatile and easy to change your style.  They are perfect protection for your phone, nice hard cases but this one is a bit different ... it has a slot that opens up on the bag to cards in!  That's right - you could put your credit or debit card, drivers license PLUS some cash in this slot and no one will know it's there - and no worries about it slipping out of the case, it closes nice and tight and looks normal!  This is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to take their purse or wallet in someplace but want to carry the very minimum in a safe way.  I have honestly never seen a phone case that does that and is still slim!

I love the color of this one, it is a beautiful gold color and it fits your phone like a glove but is NOT made of silicone - it is a hard plastic bumper case.  If you use this case with a screen protector your device is VERY well protected!  The best part is that the inside of the case is made to be shock proof - it is NOT hard but rather soft and the edges are rubberized to help with shocks if you happen to drop it.  You spend a LOT of money on these phones - you need a good solid case to protect them.  Don't let them get broken, especially when you can protect them for a great price and these cases are only $19.99!  That's most likely less than you would have paid for that expensive warranty :)  Check out all of their cases - they have 2Link models where the top slides into the bottom and locks and you can switch out colors and styles :)  Can't go wrong with Verus, I love all their cases so far!

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