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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

+LIFEGUARD Car Charger - Lightning Bonus Offer

+LIFEGUARD Car Charger - Lightning Bonus Offer

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***My Personal Review***

I have had the luck to try Lifeguard products before and was very pleased and I was not let down with this charger.  It is super simple to use you just plug it into the lighter in the car and it has 2 USB ports so you can charge 2 devices at once.  I love it because I have a smartphone as well as an iPad 2 for my daughter and both are always running low - so instead of having to choose which one to charge I can do both at once!  Very easy and you can tell by looking at this product that it is high quality and sturdy - there was no looseness after inserting it and no problems with the charge stopping and starting.  You also know when it is charging because it has a blue light around the front.  If you want a great product at a super price then this is for you - just $10.97 on Amazon and you can choose from black or silver :)  Pick a few up and keep one in each car and always have your charger on hand!

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