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Monday, April 20, 2015

RFID Blocking Cards | Credit Card Theft Protectors Review

RFID Blocking Cards | Credit Card Theft Protectors Review

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***My Personal Review***

Did you know that nowadays thieves can get your credit card information SIMPLY by walking past you?  I didn't know that and it scares me!  They use RFID scanners and just grab the card information when they are close enough to you.  So sitting on the metro, walking on the street, wherever you are you don't know who might be next to you.  So protect yourself and pick up a few sets of these RFID Blocking Cards.  You work so hard to maintain your credit score and your financials and someone can just take it away in a second.  Don't let that happen!  These cards are made of metal, they are sturdy and will not bend unless you really put a lot of pressure on them.  They are actually thinner than and just as light as a credit card or your ID.  These are also waterproof and will not rust on you if they do get wet.  They will protect up to 12 cards with just 1 set which is most likely going to be fine for most people - as long as your cards are sandwiched between these two blocking cards they are SAFE from RFID scanners.  Just look for the cards with the camel on them - they have directions right on the cards :)  For just $14.87 you can make sure that your identity and finances are safe - now to me that is a VERY small amount to pay for that protection considering the services out there that can't do what these little cards can!  Thieves aren't just online anymore - they can get you anywhere at anytime.  So get to protecting yourself!

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