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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Espresso Stack Cup Review

Espresso Stack Cup Review

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***My Personal Review***

This is the cutest espresso cup ever!  I just received it the other day and I couldn't wait to open it - the box itself is colorful and very eye-catching :)  But what is inside that box is even better!  This little square cup comes in white only and it fits perfectly inside the little stackable boxes - they are like legos on the top and you can mix and match the colors or do black and white, however you want it done that is how it will work :)  It's the perfect size for a small cup of espresso or the fabulous chocolate drinks.  It is so stylish and sleek and will look great in any kitchen even just as a decoration.  Right now the only colors available are black and white for the box and they all come with a white cup.  However the company is getting started and hopefully very soon will come out with lots of new colors like the image I have below :)  Just imagine being able to color coordinate with your kitchen theme!  I love it and my kitchen theme IS coffee so this goes perfectly!  Simply put I love it and it is high quality heavy cup and it just looks super cute sitting anywhere!  Plus the little box keeps it clean on the inside of the cup without having to turn it over :)  BONUS!  Head on over to Amazon and pick one up, they are just $10.30 each!

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