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Monday, April 20, 2015

Tempered Glass Screen Protector iPhone 6/6 Plus Review

Tempered Glass Screen Protector iPhone 6 Review


***My Personal Review***

How much have you spent on your iPhone 6?  Upwards of $500 I bet because they are NOT cheap.  So when you spend all that money on a computer or other device do you get protection for it?  Then shouldn't your phone get protection too?  The most fragile part of a phone is the screen - with the touch screens being how we use the phone that makes it so much more important to protect it.  I know people who have dropped their phones, ran over them, or even thrown them and the screen shatters.  Some are still able to be used, most are done.  And every time I have seen someone do this they never have the money to buy another one.  For me I am with Straight Talk so I buy my phone outright full price and I have no insurance on it.  And I am extremely careful with it but you still never know what might happen.  So a screen protector is a must for me.  I have them on all my devices - my tablet, my daughter's iPad and my phone.  There are a lot of brands to choose from out there, but I have had IGotTech products before and they are great - I trust them with my expensive gadgets :)  They do have this screen protector for the iPhone 6 Plus as well, but this particular case that is linked in the above image is JUST for the iPhone 6 4.7 inch screen.

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