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Monday, April 6, 2015

RFID Blocking Sleeves, BLOCKIT Credit Card Review

RFID Blocking Sleeves, BLOCKIT Credit Card Review


***My Personal Review***

When I was approved for this promotion I had to ask myself how these are different from the ones you get from your bank (like my mom has one from her credit union)?  Well I found out once I received it - they are sturdier - made of good quality and sturdy material; and they also are lined with what is called RFID blocker, which is basically protection for your cards so that someone cannot use Infrared scanners to get your bar codes or numbers!  How awesome is that?  Living in todays world one cannot be too careful - it is not JUST online that the major threats arise but you need to be vigilant even when you are carrying your wallet which is something that used to be safe.  This sleeve comes in 6 pretty designs, something for men or women and they are hard and only hold 1-3 cards at most so you will want to keep your most important cards in them.  Or get more than one for the other cards - they should fit easily into your wallet credit card holders or your pocketbooks, and give you the protection you need everyday.  They even have a set of them that has CARS on them :)  WOOHOO I love cars as a lot of women do so pick up a package of 6 now with either the designs or the cars on them and keep your stuff private :)

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