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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Most Fun & Best Tea Gift Ever - Shakespearmint & Agatha ChrisTea

The Most Fun & Best Tea Gift Ever - Shakespearmint & Agatha ChrisTea



***My Personal Review***

I have really been getting into teas the past 6 months - I love drinking them for help sleeping and relaxing so when this came up I thought I would apply and try it!  I am also a lover of literature so that helped too :)  I received 10 each of the Agatha ChrisTeas which are Earl Grey teas and they are nice and relaxing, I love the flavor and I like to add a little Agave or honey to my tea.  They have an uplifting smell to them too.

And I also received the Shakespearmint which is a mint tea - something I have never had the chance to try and I was pleasantly surprised at the sweet minty flavor and the calming effects that peppermint has as well.  Each comes in the nifty little package so each is a separate teabag and I just love the pictures they have for each package :)  This is a PERFECT gift for any tea lover!  A few of their "possible" next teas are Mark Twainquility (Chamomile) and CervanTeas (Chai) :)  Either of these are great for me as I love both - I just love how they come up with such great names!

I honestly can't wait to see what kinds they come out with next, hoping for a chamomile or cherry blossom!  But each one will have a unique name and relate to some literature author or character or even a philosopher or politician!

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