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Saturday, April 30, 2016

100% Natural Coconut Milk Body Polish 12 oz.

100% Natural Coconut Milk Body Polish 12 oz.

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***My Personal Review***

Love natural products on your skin?  Want to get rid of those wrinkles, age spots and even eczema???  Then this product would be great for you!  It is 100% natural coconut milk body scrub and it is a really nice scrub that leaves your dead skin gone and the skin fresh and renewed.  You get a full 12 oz container, and it doesn't take a lot, maybe a quarter or 2 quarter sized portions to scrub.  Coconut has been proven to be a great item for your skin and this will revitalize and moisturize your skin in a lot of ways.  So get started on the anti-aging train now and check out all of FB's products on Amazon!

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