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Monday, April 18, 2016

40 pc Magnetic Tile Building Set

40 pc Magnetic Tile Building Set

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***My Personal Review***

My dauhter LOVES these - she has a smaller set that she plays with all the time, she has Williams syndrome and is developmentally delayed and so these help with her dexterity and building skills.  She can make literally whatever she wants with this set because you get large hexagons, square and triangles along with 2 rolling wheel axles which will make a car.

She hasn't figured that out yet but she is really doing well building with it, the colors are fun and for a boy or a girl, and it's a great set at a great price of just $35.95 which is a very low price considering how expensive these are normally!  I think any kid would love getting these under the tree or for their birthday :)

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