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Monday, April 4, 2016

Advanced Eye Gel for Wrinkles

Advanced Eye Gel for Wrinkles

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***My Personal Review***

This eye gel is a huge plus for me because I have struggled with acne since I was young all over my face.  It didn't take much, so the bottle that I received will last a long time.  I just dabbed a little bit on and rubbed it in before bedtime.  It might have helped that I always take a shower before bed so my face is completely clean and the oils don't have time to set back in before I put this on.  I am only 38 but let's just say my life has had a LOT of problems and I have aged a lot more than I should be for 38 years old.  So bags under my eyes, tired all the time, and skin problems are all issues for me.  This is very light and fresh-smelling and amazingly refreshing for my skin.  I used it for a few days and noticed that the bags under my eyes had become lighter.  They are not completely gone, nothing is a miracle worker, but anything helps!  And I wasn't sure if this product would help my acne problem or not, but it actually did a little bit :)  But I can imagine that this would still work even with any skin type.  Plus no alcohol to dry out your skin and it is full of goodness :)

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