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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lotus Knot Rose Water

Lotus Knot Rose Water

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***My Personal Review***

I had heard that rose water was used years ago as a moisturizer and hydration for the skin when it was very hot and helped sweating.  But I had no idea how awesome it was until I actually tried it :)  I am very happy with this, I use it every day just spray some on and my daughter loves it too and I know she is not getting anything bad, she loves it on her hair.  It isn't like perfume in the sense that it doesn't stay with you for more than an hour or so - it's quick to go away but it really does help cool you down if you are sweaty and it's wonderful after a workout or being outdoors!  Check it out on Amazon and try it, I can say you will love it!  Has a wonderful rose scent that is just perfect for a little smell - and it's good for people with allergies like me too - I have trouble with some body sprays but this did not bother me at all :)

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