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Friday, April 1, 2016

Ready Set Go Superhero Bear Play Therapy Kit

Ready Set Go Superhero Bear Play Therapy Kit



***My Personal Review***

  • Get READY to overcome your fears
  • SET your goals high, and
  • GO out there and be the best you can be!
This is an absolutely SUPERB campaign that uses the Brian and Brianna Superhero Bears to help kids stand up for themselves and also as an anti-bullying campaign.  You can customize the bears with their pendants and you can get Brianna with the pink cap and mask and Brian has a red cape and mask.  This is especially important to me and special because my daughter has Williams syndrome and WS individuals are often bullied in school and their personal lives so I want her to be able to handle herself and learn early.

I think any kid can use these bears to help their self-esteem and start becoming the best version of themselves!  Check out the website and get involved in the anti-bullying campaign!  The Williams Syndrome Family of Hope foundation is already behind this awesome campaign so get involved and help ALL kids overcome their fears and stop the bullying!

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