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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Probiotics for dogs and cats

Probiotics for dogs and cats
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***My Personal Review***

I take probiotics every day but I just adopted a cat back in November 2015 and he has some serious digestive issues.  So much so that I can barely give him treats and he can have nothing else but his food.  So I figured if I am on probiotics for MY digestive problems why can't he?  Then I came across this and decided to try it.  Now I just received this so I cannot speak as to whether it works or not but I can imagine that it probably works very well to ease the digestive problems of dogs and/or cats.

It comes in a large jar with 6 oz of all natural probiotic powder that you can add to wet food - it suggests 1/2 scoop per day if your pet is under 50 pounds or 1 scoop if they are over 50 pounds.  Which is not much - the scoop is VERY small only about 1/2 tsp if that.  So this will last you for several months if you have a smaller animal, and it can't hurt them in any way - it can only help.  This is all natural and organic and is made in the USA as well :)

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