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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

60 Color Gel Pen Set / Drawing Pens

60 Color Gel Pen Set / Drawing Pens
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***My Personal Review***

This is an AWESOME set of gel pens.  Besides the fact that you get 60 pens, you get a whole slew of types like classic, glitter, metallic, neon and pastel as well as a few multi-color swirl pens.  I recently went to Washington DC on the train (14 hour ride) and my mom and I both used these to color on the way and I had at least four people comment and take down the name and type of these pens because they thought they were so awesome :)

And they could SEE what we were doing with them and how great the color was.  These are non-toxic too which is great and they don't bleed through the paper as long as it's fairly heavy which most coloring books are.  These are great for kids or adults alike and I could not be happier with them - use them all the time!!!!

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