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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hair Styling Straightener Brush

Hair Styling Straightener Brush

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***My Personal Review***

This is the perfect item for my daughter and me both!  I am not good at doing my hair and I don't do it much anyways.  My daughter has terrible sensory issues especially when it comes to her head so doing her hair ... nope.  But this has made it SO much easier to straighten out her hair!  She doesn't like curling irons because they burn her head.  But in the morning her short hair is such a mess it's impossible to get it to lay down.  So using the brush on her gives it heat without allowing her to get burnt which is awesome :)  She doesn't fight me too badly and she's okay with having her hair done.  It really has made a terrible fight much easier for me. 


I like that this will straighten your hair easily and there is no chance of burning yourself which is also great for me because I have a tendency to do that with my bumbling hands.  This is definitely a great set for anyone who wants to straighten their hair without it being too difficult.  It does heat up VERY fast too which is a great thing because I always forget to turn it on, so it only takes about 2 minutes to get to max temperature.  Very nice set for anyone :)

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