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Friday, March 25, 2016

Locas Biju Necklaces

Locas Biju Necklaces

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***My Personal Review***

I received three of these necklaces for review and I must say they are all awesome - all different styles but very sleek and stylish no matter what your style or preference is.  They are beautifully made and I think my favorite is the tassel/wing necklace.  It's gorgeous! One is a pendant necklace with red stones to contrast the silver handmade feather pendant.  The second necklace is the wing and tassel necklace which is my favorite :)  It has a beautiful tan tassel along with the handcrafted wing.  I am a huge lover of angels so this one was definitely my fave.


The third is the small leaf heart necklace, which has a little medal heart that says "Hand Made" on it.  I would recommend any of their jewelry as I love all of them.  And like I said they have something for everyone, no matter what you are wearing whether it is casual or business or even dressy check out their line of jewelry.  Bracelets and necklaces and I believe they even have earrings :)


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