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Monday, March 28, 2016

7 Inch Feng Shui Natural Citrine Gem Stone Money Tree

7 Inch Feng Shui Natural Citrine Gem Stone Money Tree

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***My Personal Review***

Money money money!  Who wouldn't like a little luck and money in their lives?  These little trees are very cute and there are a few different ones for different reasons.  This specific one is a money tree made of citrine gems with wire and ceramic.  The dimensions of this little tree are 7" high by about 6" around so it's small, it will fit in a very small area. 

I want to get the other trees too - they look like bonsai trees and I just love the bright colors!  They tell you to put it in your living room or office to bring good luck and money.  It's a nice heavy knick-knack that will stay put, it doesn't move around and won't fall over.  You unfold the "gem leaves" on it just like a Christmas tree to make it into whatever shape you want :)  Check them out on Amazon!  Parma77 is the name you want to look for!

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