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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Large Ice Cube Mold - Makes 2.25 Inch Big Ice Cube

Large Ice Cube Mold - Makes 2.25 Inch Big Ice Cube

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***My Personal Review***

Love silicone?  I do - especially after trying so many new kitchen products like ice cube trays with it!  They are flexible, they make the ice cubes in about 2-3 hours and the cubes come out easily BUT you can turn the mold over to get a few out without every single cube crashing out on your floor.  I have been using these and smaller ones from Pratico as well and I am just in love with them.  These are great large molds for making cubes for mixed drinks and anything that you don't want to get watered down quickly.  My daughter loves to help me make ice cubes with these awesome trays.  Another super cool feature is the bottom - it has an indentation on the bottom that comes out in your cubes and in my opinion gives them a little extra "pizazz".  These are also BPA-free and FDA approved so no worries about safety.  You just have to try them to see how great they are - and because they are square instead of weird-shaped you can sit them on top of boxes in your freezer and don't have to worry about them spilling out.  Check them out and also check out their other ice cube trays if you want smaller cubes :)

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