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Monday, August 10, 2015

FootWhere® Postcard

FootWhere® Postcard

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***My Personal Review***

Do you love collecting pieces of places you visit or even want something authentic from places you can't visit?  Then you have to check out FootWhere!  They sell postcards, keychains, shirts and even zipper pulls that all contain soil from the place that is on the product.  All different destinations, cities and more!  They are so cool - I received the postcard and it was from Atlanta Georgia and it has an indented footprint where they put the soil.  It is really awesome and I am planning on giving it to a friend who collects postcards because I know she will love it.

They are really inexpensive, only $4.99 for the magnets and keychains, $12.50 for shirts and $3.99 for postcards.  And they have every state accounted for as well as about 20 popular worldwide destinations :)  So you can collect the ones you want and this makes a great gift for anyone who loves travelling.

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