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Thursday, August 27, 2015

AmazaPens 24 Gel Coloring Pens

AmazaPens 24 Gel Coloring Pens

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***My Personal Review***

I love these pens!  You get a pack of 24 gel ink pens and they are amazing - they are just wide enough to give you a good color range but not too thick that they tear the paper and bleed through.  And it's easy to stay inside the lines with these.  I have recently started doing some adult coloring books to help with my anxiety and so I was very excited to get these pens to try!  I like them so much better and find I get a much more brilliant color than with colored pencils.  Plus with this pack you get glitter pens!!!!

How awesome is that?  Who doesn't want glitter?  These are great for kids too because they are almost no mess - my daughter doesn't like to color much and normally I can't let her use markers but these are perfect because they aren't messy :)  They are very comfortable to hold and they have a great grip so they won't slip.  And they last a long time - I haven't seen any change in the amount of ink at all :)  Pick up some of these for stocking stuffers!

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