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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kuuk Nespresso Coffee Pod Carousel Rotating Rack- Holds 50 Capsules

Kuuk Nespresso Coffee Pod Carousel Rotating Rack- Holds 50 Capsules

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***My Personal Review***

This is a great little accessory to put next to your coffee maker and have your coffee pods at your fingertips without having to go through boxes to find them.  This carousel will hold up to 50 pods and it has 5 slots so you can mix the pods up if you like to be surprised or you can put your favorite flavors in each one so you can always just grab what you want.  Coated with stainless steel, this is going to last you forever and it has a nice felt bottom to help it spin nice and cleanly.  Plus the stainless steel coating means it is super easy to clean - you can just wash it down or throw it in the top of the dishwasher.  This will also help keep your pods from getting damaged while in the box.  So throw those old boxes away and save a ton of space in the process!  Definitely a great item to have for your coffee pods - I had mine in the boxes before and always had to go to the cupboard to pick out one that I wanted - this really makes it so much less cluttered and so much easier :)  You need to add this to your collection now!

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