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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Keep Your Kids Safe with --- FREE TRIAL! Blog Review

As a parent we always want to ensure our childrens safety.  Back in the old days that was fairly easy to do, but with the rise of technology that risk has gone up.  It is so easy for your children to be bullied or take inappropriate pictures of themselves and post them without ever realizing the damage it can do.  So as our children grow we are left to ask ourselves HOW do we keep them safe?  What can we do to at least TRY to keep them a little safer?  And even though the answer is you cannot keep them completely safe, there are things you can do and steps to take that can significantly lower the risks.  Some parents choose to use spyware, but if your child finds out it can be humiliating for them and you lose the trust of your children.  But what about just being honest?  Just letting them know that you need to keep them safe - have a talk with them and talk about options.  One of your options is to go with a kids email account that you can have access to and has a lot of parental controls.  A good option for this is - they are a great service that you can sign up for and your children can have their own email addresses but you will have control over what they are able to access, what they can send and receive and much more.  

I received a free trial of this service in order to write this post and I was able to easily log into the parents section and add my daughter to get her own email.  I chose what kind of email she was able to get and it was a account so that I know she will be safe using it.  


As you can see from the image you can allow your child to help you set it up, they can pick their own email address and password and even their display name.  And there are even options for older children who might not want to have that "kids" in their email address.  It will give these children a account instead so they feel all grown up!  But you are able to set up safety features like filtering offensive words or spam, logging their activity, removing links that you deem unsafe for your children and much more.  You can even set up the types of attachments they are allowed to receive, which we all know can be a good thing with all the spam on the internet.  Your child can go through and choose their layout, design and colors - customizing their own email which is something a lot of us adults can't do with our emails :)  

But do you want to know what MY favorite feature is???  The fact that this email comes with a GPS tracker - so if your child has been somewhere this will log it and show you.  You never have to worry about whether they are where they say because you will KNOW for sure.  

I have an 8 year old daughter and she has Williams syndrome (WS).  WS is a neurogenetic syndrome that causes developmental delays and also causes a lot of safety issues that never go away even when they are adults.  For example stranger danger ... WS individuals don't know a stranger - they are extremely sociable and will go with anyone.  They have no concept of danger or that their safety may be in jeopardy.  Another big issue is online safety for our children - they have a tendency to want to friend everyone and because I am on the Board for a foundation I have SEEN this happen - predators befriend our WS kids and then they push them to have all of their other WS friends do the same.  It is a huge risk for any of them and we have a lot of adults that have went through this.  So even though my daughter can't use email yet as she is only about the cognitive age of 4 she will be learning soon enough and she uses her iPad all the time.  I want to find out how to protect her before the time comes when I have to do it.  This is a service I will definitely be recommending to all of the WS community to help protect their children and I highly recommend after testing it that you look into it and see if it will benefit your child.  I am positive you will agree!

The great part about this is you can pay for this monthly or annually and the most it will cost you is $4.95 a month for up to 4 email accounts.  If you pay annually it only costs $38.95!  That is a VERY small price to pay for keeping your children safe.  The website itself is easy to use even for parents who don't know much about technology and it is really easy for children to maneuver their email accounts.  This allows parents to have so much leeway in how they choose to manage their childrens accounts.  It's not just one or two choices - you have a ton of choices which is great because not all parents have the same style or want the same type of protection.  Some are more protective and some are less protective - this service puts that power in YOUR hands.  Click HERE to go to their infographics page and download some pictorials that can help you have the talk with your children about internet and email safety.

And RIGHT NOW you can get a FREE TRIAL!  Just go to their website to register and get at least 30 days free and see if it works for you!

And if you have younger children that use kids tablets this software is preloaded onto the following:

Click N Kids Tablet 2
Kurio Xtreme
Kurio Phone for Kids

And it is available from any of these app stores!  So you can get this on literally any device you want!

Here are links to KidsEmail on social media so you can stay connected and get assistance if you ever need it - they are always available to assist you. has garnered attention and awards from many sources that focus on childrens safety

***I received a free trial of this service in exchange for my honest review***

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