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Sunday, January 4, 2015

YALMEH Glorify Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion Net, 15g ☆Face Cream☆ Review

YALMEH Glorify Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion Net, 15g ☆Face Cream☆ Review

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***My Personal Review***

I love Yalmeh products because they come in beautiful small packages that can fit in your purse so easily - allowing you to use them anywhere.  The bottles are small but you really get your moneys worth out of the products - this one is 1.7 oz in a bottle that is less than half the size of a normal 1 oz bottle.  I have tried several Yalmeh products including their eye creams, and I must say their products are of the highest quality and truly do what they claim.  Antioxidants and vitamin c come together to help reduce acne and the early signs of aging when used just once a day - and let me say that "a dab will do ya" for this!  You do not need much and that means that for just $17.95 this will last you at least a couple months when used once a day.  The lotion itself is not heavy and smells clean and fresh and it leaves your face feeling smooth and refreshed without a greasy residue.  This product is also mostly for use around the eye area but it can also be applied to the rest of your face.  And like all Yalmeh products it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and their products do not contain parabens, sulfates or alcohol.  They are also never tested on animals.

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