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Monday, January 5, 2015

ORGANIC Argan Oil For Hair, Face, Skin & Nails

ORGANIC Argan Oil For Hair, Face, Skin & Nails

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***My Personal Review***

The great part about Argan Oil is that it can be used so many different ways - on your hair, skin, nails - and it works to moisturize and protect all of them. I definitely love Pure Body Essentials, I have tried a few of their products and they are always high quality, beautiful packaging and PURE. That is a big thing for me, something that doesn't have fillers or binders or other harmful chemicals. I don't need more of that! This specific argan oil is triple-purified so that makes it so much better! I have found it to help with skin redness, acne, dry skin, dry scalp and more. Just take a bit and run it through your hair and in a few days you will see a BIG difference - it is much smoother and silkier. Another thing I love about this product is that even though it is oil it won't leave that greasy residue on you and it absorbs quickly. It really does feel great though, and for just $14.99 you can't beat it! Pick some up today and check out Pure Body Essentials other products!

Argan Oil can be used as an extra thermal protection before styling your hair with tools such as the flat iron, the hair dryer or the curling iron. It is suitable for all hair types, and you will just be sorry you have not discovered it before! It tames the frizz, it gives a lovely scent to your hair and it makes it soft and shiny. It really seems like your hair is in for a fabulous treat!  I really like this product - my hair is naturally flat and dull and extremely thick which means to make it look good is hard!  And even though I don't use curling irons or hair dryers a lot I do color my hair and have bad split ends.  So something that can make it shine and look great is awesome!  Even though this is an "oil" - it is not greasy at all which is something that makes it appealing to me because I don't like greasy or products that leave a residue in your hair.  The oil itself is smooth and light, and it only takes a few drops to smooth through your hair.  You get a full 4 oz bottle of Argan Oil from Pure Body Naturals, which is going to last you a long time - most Argan Oils come in 1 or 2 oz only! 

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