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Monday, January 19, 2015

Reach It Grab It Reacher Grabber Picker Upper Review

Reach It Grab It Reacher Grabber Picker Upper Review

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***My Personal Review***

Me and my daughter both LOVE this grabber!  It is made very well compared to other ones I have had - it works so easily and you don't have to use a lot of strength to pick up what you want.  The grabber part is awesome because it is rubbery and it really hangs onto whatever you are trying to grab.  This is great for stuff on top shelves, getting stuff from under things like your bed or couch that would cause you to move the couch otherwise.  So pretty much can be used by anyone!  It is a nice long grabber too, so you can reach at least 2 feet more than normal :)  One use that most people wouldn't think of is as a therapy item.  My daughter is developmentally delayed and she has trouble grasping things, but this has been awesome for her, she has been using it to drop little things and try to pick them up - it's teaching her how to pick something small up and dexterity :)  Totally cool product, definitely would buy this again!

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