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Saturday, January 10, 2015

ABC Flashcards: eBook Review

ABC Flashcards: eBook Review

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***My Personal Review***

My daughter has a syndrome that causes her to be developmentally delayed, so although she is 8 now she is just learning her letters and tracing them.  She can't read yet, so any help that I can get for her is amazing and very beneficial to her development.  This is a great eBook because she has an iPad and I can have her just pull it up on there and she can use them.  It's also great because if your kids are like mine they LOVE to destroy cards and books.  So having something she can't tear up is awesome :)  She spends most of her time on her iPad and it's nice to get her away from YouTube and her favorite videos to learn new things.  She loves to watch the Phonics videos and listen to the ABC songs, so this was right up her alley and the graphics are SUPER cute!  A is for Apple, G is for Giraffe!  The book looks like a real set of flash cards, very easy to read, the ABCs are large and the item it represents sits on top of each letter, then at the bottom in smaller letters are the descriptions like "E is for Elephant".  Bright, colorful and fun - my daughter just loved them and I think they would be great for any kid or any classroom for that matter!

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